Bling Vaping Strawberry Watermelon Coconut ~ Disposable Vape Flavors

Bling Vaping Strawberry Watermelon Coconut ~ Disposable Vape Flavors

A mouthwatering fusion of succulent strawberries, ripe watermelon and coconut flavors infused with cool bursts of icy menthol. The luscious summer mix is one of 18 amazing flavors available in the Bling Diamond line of branded disposable vaporizer pod devices that are USB-C rechargeable and easy to use for new or mobile vapers.

Bling Eternity Rainbow Candy

A fusion of berries and tropical flavors with a splash of refreshing icy menthol to refresh your taste buds after every puff. It is one of 18 amazing flavors offered in this collection of disposable pod vaporizers that are USB-C rechargeable and easy to use for new users or mobile vaping. The devices have a 16ml pre-filled e-liquid capacity and come with a perfect coil and airflow, a flashy wattage meter, and Japanese cotton wicks for big flavor and ultimate clouds.

Enjoy the mouthwatering blend of ripe honeydew and watermelon with an extra punch of cool ice for a brisk vaping experience. This fruity flavor is available in a disposable vaporizer that is USB-C rechargeable, lightweight for mobile vaping, and offers a range of nicotine strengths. The perfect vaporizer for new vapers or mobile smokers, the Bling Eternity Rainbow Candy is made with high-quality food grade ingredients and comes with a draw-activated design and a flashy wattage meter for ease of use.

Bling Eternity Purple Rain

Purple Rain is a mouthwatering symphony of strawberry, pineapple and ripe watermelon flavors complemented with coconut and cool bursts of icy menthol to take your taste buds to paradise island instantly. It is part of Bling Eternity’s collection of 18 amazing flavors offered in a branded disposable vaporizer pod device that is USB-C rechargeable and simple to use for newcomers and mobile vapers.

Grape is a delicious fruit that is loaded with antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage and promote heart health. It is also a great source of resveratrol, an anti-aging substance that stimulates the SirT1 gene to slow down the aging process.

Bling Vaping Rainbow Candy is a refreshing not-too-sweet candy explosion that combines hints of grape, strawberry, green apple and orange. The sweet treat is packed with performance-enhancing ingredients to give you a little extra boost to push through those last few reps, sets or miles when it counts. It is one of the most popular pre-workout flavors in the market.

Bling Eternity 6500 Puffs

Enjoy the luscious taste of Bling Vaping Strawberry Watermelon Coconut in this flavorful treat. This tasty blend is zero sugar and low in calories, plus it’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It’s available in our BLING Market disposable device that features a large 15ml pre-filled e-Liquid capacity, powerful rechargeable battery and thick consistent vapor at 5% nicotine strength for smokers making the switch.

Bling Diamond offers one of the longest puff counts in a disposable pod vape and provides 6500 satisfying puffs to keep you vaping all day long. This stunning device is also lightweight, portable and USB-C rechargeable.

A mouth-puckering mix of berries in this refreshing flavor that’s complemented with an icy burst of menthol. Each e-Liquid is handcrafted with premium food-grade ingredients for deliciously authentic flavors and smooth throat hit. This high-quality authentic flavor is offered in our BLING Diamond disposable pod vaporizer bar that’s easy to use, portable and USB-C rechargeable.

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